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KARAS: The Prophecy (DVD Screencaps)

2,417 Screencaps from KARAS: The Prophecy (Volume One of the series?)

-- DVD Quality
-- 1024 x 576; 640 x 360 in Gallery
-- Zip/Rar Files and Gallery under cut
-- Please credit crusade_icons

Warnings: Possible spoilers; Mild Blood/Disturbing Images

Photobucket Gallery | File 1 (.Zip) File 2 (.Rar) File 3 (.Rar) File 4 (.Rar) File 5 (.Rar) | File 5 Alternate

I took these awhile ago, but I just now got around to uploading them. The images were uploaded to Photobucket using Flock, so quality and size may be different than the originals in the Zip and RAR files.

* Files reuploaded on October 4th *
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